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Our Staff

Empower Academy’s founding team has collaborated and consulted with experts in the field of disabilities and behavior, explored research-based curriculum choices best suited for diverse learners with disabilities, have had multiple years of experiences with curriculum, and have aligned choices that are congruent with the Arizona Department of Education standards. The state aligned curricular choices are ever-evolving and expanding, meeting the unique needs of each individual learner and their individualized educational plan while meeting Arizona College and Career Readiness standards. The primary curricular team consists of Margaret Connors and Rickey Woolfolk. Ms. Connors is currently completing her doctorate level program of study in Educational Leadership, M.Ed., N.B.C.T. (Nationally Board Certified Exceptional Needs), Transition Specialist, Arizona and New Mexico K-8 Elementary Education Certificate, Arizona and New Mexico K-12 Exceptional Needs Mild/Moderate Cross Categorical, Arizona and New Mexico K-12 Administration/Principal Certificate, award winning teacher, with over 31 years of teaching, administration, and school experiences in public and private education.  Mr. Woolfolk has a M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, a degree in Business, Arizona State University Certificate: Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as being a therapeutic foster care provider through the state of Arizona. Mr. Woolfolk has worked as an educator, JIREH (safe non-violent prevention and intervention) Trainer, for over 8 years, as well as being qualified in Trauma Informed Care/Documentation.


 Ms. Connors and Mr. Woolfolk have vast experiences with students’ at all academic levels, grade levels, and exceptionalities, with specialty in Autism spectrum disorders, and co-occurring disabilities, and unique behavioral challenges. Ms. Connors and Mr. Woolfolk also have personal and professional experiences with students placed in foster care, adoptive care, and therapeutic settings.

Empower Academy offers the following services:


  • Individualized Educational Programming (For students who qualify under A, ED-P, DD, MIID, MIOD, OI, OHI, SLD, SLI, or TBI)

  • 45 day alternative placement

  • Autism Specific/Social Intervention Programming

  • Effective Behavioral Support

  • Individualized Educational Program – Consulting and Training



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